An organization is only as strong as its foundation. Kohn Strategies provides strategic support to help agencies uncover cracks in their foundation, and move forward by building ground up policies rooted in equity, sustainability, and social justice.

Founded by Nancy Kohn, Kohn Strategies emerged after a decade of work in urban agriculture and nutrition with non-profits, and government agencies where she witnessed organizational leadership meaning well but not going far enough to eradicate practices that isolate individuals, ostracize communities, and perpetuate oppression.

With her collective experience, Nancy, a social justice advocate and ally, believes that she stands on the shoulders of her ancestors. Her grandparents and parents all found love and survived in the midst of war. Nancy’s paternal grandparents, Holocaust survivors from Germany, immigrated to the United States in the early 1950s. Her parents, also immigrants, met during the Vietnam War, and maternal grandparents found each other during WWII in Australia. With a family history steeped in international politics and war, she seeks to work towards fairness and minimize trauma in the world. As a systems thinker, she maximizes her passion, history, and professionalism to work to institutionalize social justice for all.

With Kohn Strategies, Nancy is dedicated to working with non-profits of all sizes, NGOs, and government agencies to identify and raise awareness in the existing practices that perpetuate inequitable systems. She supports the transformation of organizations to perform racially just habits while bolstering their mission.